Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Still Alive Beyond 2009!

First of all I must apologize dear readers for my lack of posting in the month of January... The return to reality after a blissful December break in Peru was harsh. Freezing rain and snow, endless hours at the office and weekends full of random, obnoxious errands.

In the spots of free time I've had, I've been working on a little year-end wrap up. That's right. This will be the last 2009 wrap-up you'll read! The fact that it comes in 2010 may prove an actual benefit... By only getting up to this now, I've had the ability to truly reflect on what was, and was not, the bomb in '09.

Anyways, the wrap up is coming this weekend... For now please enjoy this mix of raw house music to get you through the cold weather...
I picked up these records throughout 2009. Many of them are represses, some are new and some are stuff I slept on for too long! Anyways, you'll find some old gems from Chez Damier, Kerry Chandler and Saunderson alongside newer hot sh1t from Underground Quality, Modern Love and Mathematics. Hope-u-enjoi.


Chicago Underground Council - 2 Days [Peacefrog 1996]
Levon Vincent - Deeper [Underground Quality 2008]
Anton Zap - I'm Fine [Underground Quality 2009]
Chez Damier - Untitled [KMS 1993]
Trailer Ends - Runnin' Around (Dark Swing Mix) [Downtown 161 1993]
Rick Wade - First Darkness [Laid 2009]
Chez Damier & Carl Craig - Help Myself [KMS 1992]
Reese - Rock to the Beat (Mayday Mix) [KMS 1989]
Leron Carson - Red Lightbulb [Sound Signature 2009]
Omar-S - Groove On [FXHE 2005]
Claro Intelecto - Above [Modern Love 2009]
Unknown Artist - BAUHAUS01 (Version 2) [BHLTD 2009]
Levon Vincent - Games Dub [Underground Quality 2009]
Contra Communem Opinionem - Dreaming [Mathematics 2008]

--Everything mixed on two 1200's on vinyl and a Vestax VMC-002XLu w/o any editting--


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